Standardized Test Planning and Tutor Recommendations

Standardized tests are, to say the least, controversial. The preparation for and completion of the SAT and the ACT may be the most anxiety provoking aspect of the college admission process. CollegeBridge will assist you in understanding these tests, developing test-taking strategies, and formulating a game plan regarding which tests to select, when to take them, and how to prepare for them. Where appropriate, we will also recommend tutors that best fit your personality and learning style.

CollegeBridge Reality Check

The SAT, ACT, and SAT Subject Tests are a fact of life in most college admissions. There is a small contingency of test-optional schools within mainstream liberal arts colleges and some research universities that no longer use standardized tests as admission criteria. Given the nationwide variations in grading standards and the seemingly ubiquitous grade inflation trends, the vast majority of colleges still view these test scores as one imperfect but necessary measurement that provides common criteria for ‘objectively’ comparing and differentiating students. The SAT and ACT are here for the foreseeable future, so your best strategy is to plan and prepare.

How colleges weigh SAT or ACT scores will vary from institution to institution as they consider your multifaceted application, but their relative weight is generally less than that given to either your GPA or the quality or rigor of your high school curriculum.

These tests are not about your human worth nor should your self-esteem depend upon the outcome. They have only a marginal impact upon your future, yet they do ‘influence’ your college admission. Let us be proactive in this process so that the college gatekeepers grant you admission, which is just another reason why CollegeBridge is here to help.