Research and Identify Potential Colleges

During your junior year, CollegeBridge will assist you in researching and identifying a preliminary list of colleges.

By this point in our collaboration, we will know you fairly well. Likewise, you will have grown in your capacity for self-assessment—better understanding your capabilities, learning style, interests, motivations, preferences, values, and aspirations, and how these may influence your college selections.

CollegeBridge will create a college search profile for you, and with this information and our knowledge of the many colleges and universities, we will assemble a working list of colleges that corresponds to your profile.

CollegeBridge Reality Check

The key questions:
“Which schools are the best match for you?”
“Where do you want to spend the next four years of your life?”

In the process of answering these questions, we will encourage you to examine an array of issues and factors, such as: location, geography, size, liberal arts college or research university, type of curriculum, religious affiliation, athletic emphasis, social life, and intellectual atmosphere, among many others. Your responses will begin to reveal your preferences and priorities for your future college.

As you answer these questions and form your preliminary list, you will be taking the initiative to make choices and assume ownership of your future. CollegeBridge will help you make informed decisions, providing our expertise, experience, and knowledge regarding each of these colleges.

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