Writing your college application essays can potentially be one of the most challenging, educational, and personally rewarding endeavors in the college application process. By the time you begin to draft your essays, you will have already determined most of the content of your application—grades, scores, résumé, and letters of recommendation. The essays remain the one aspect of your application that you still have complete control over, and it may be the key to differentiating you from other applicants.

Through well-crafted essays, you will demonstrate your ability to be thoughtful, creative, and to effectively communicate. Some of your essays will be responses to questions, such as “Why do you want to attend our college?”  Or they may request that you respond to a quoted passage or issue. Or you may choose to tell a story about some facet of your life experience. Your story will offer you the opportunity to convey insights into who you uniquely are as a student and person, including your values, goals, dreams and aspirations.

CollegeBridge Reality Check

We do not write essays!  Our students want to communicate their authentic voices, to tell their unique story, and there is only one road to that goal, which is to take ownership, work hard, and remain focused and determined to complete your essays in a timely manner.

We recognize that most of you have very little experience in writing a highly personalized essay. Our first bit of advice is not to worry. We have assisted many students in writing outstanding essays. We will teach you what the college essays are all about, and we will provide you direction in how to master this form of communication. We will help you to brainstorm ideas for your essay, assist you in thinking through your story, and provide editorial comments and perspective.

CollegeBridge is committed to a process and a goal that will be rewarding for you.