During our initial meetings, we will begin to evaluate all of your relevant records. These records include, where appropriate:

1. Your current school courses and grades.
2. Your academic transcript or end-of-year report cards from the 9th grade forward, including any teacher comments.
3. Standardized test results, such as the PSAT, PLAN, SAT, ACT and any other aptitude tests or assessments of your learning style.
4. Your completed Student and Parent Questionnaires; these forms will be emailed to you prior to our initial consult.

CollegeBridge Reality Check

In order to best serve you, we have requested that you provide us with various academic records and standardized test scores. These quantitative and qualitative records, when taken together, provide a synopsis of your academic track record, and create one portrait of you through which we may garner some insights into you and your interests. We will use these records as part of our preparation of your college search profile.

Our Motto: “Help Us Help You”