Analysis of Admission Offers

Finally, the day arrives that the colleges inform you of their decision—accepted, denied, or wait listed. For some of you, this will be a day of celebration; for others, it may be a mixture of gratification and disappointment since you may have received acceptances, but not at your number one choices.

Your decisions will not be over. If your favorite schools accept you, then you will be set, though now you will have to finally choose which school. But some of you will face the hard realities of college competition and selection. You may have to decide, assuming the school invites you, to remain on the waitlist; while many of you will have to deal with the harshness of feeling rejected when denied by some of your colleges.

We will be there through whatever eventualities unfold, assisting you and your family in the decision process, dealing with the options that are available, and helping you process your thoughts and feelings as you determine your course of action. If we have done our work together, selected the right schools, submitted the best application package possible, kept perspective, and managed our expectations, then you will have the option to attend some of the right schools for you, schools that you also love.

CollegeBridge Reality Check

Making a decision regarding which school to attend may seem, from your perspective, like the most important decision of your life, but it is not. Careers, relationships, marriage, and children are far bigger, not to speak of integrity, character, commitment, resilience, intellectual fortitude, and the many passions that define a life fully lived. In the process that you will go through by working with CollegeBridge, you will realize that the fundamentally monumental issue is the choices that you make along the way to prepare yourself to make the best use of the opportunities that you are given at whichever college you ultimately attend.