Dear Parents:

Thank you for entrusting CollegeBridge with your daughter or son. We are passionate about helping your child during their search, application, and transition to college.

Part of our passion originates from our desire to give our children something that possibly neither you nor we received at their age. Part of our drive to provide guidance derives from our recognition that our youth face significant hurdles in the college application process. Part of our motivation begins with our abiding interest in preparing our children to fully exploit the opportunities that they will have in college. And, part of our inspiration emanates from our commitment to ensure a strong America by developing our greatest resource or wealth—our children.

We recognize that traversing the college admission landscape can be a daunting task, which is full of new challenges for your child as well as your family. In response, CollegeBridge’s mission is twofold: to help your child to gain admission, and, to use the college application process to assist them in developing the life skills that they will need in the future, while at college and beyond.

America is fortunate to have so many wonderful educational institutions that our daughters and sons can attend. Please be assured that your young adult will find a college that feels right and that they will love.

In our experience, the college selection, application, and transition period is not only an important rite of passage for your child, but it can also be equally significant for your family. Your child has to navigate through a myriad of demands, pressures, and expectations as they make choices about their next four years. You, as parents, face the challenge of progressively letting go, allowing your child to take ownership, even as you provide selective and judicious guidance. We are committed to helping you and your family throughout this process—avoiding undue stress, providing perspective, managing expectations, and, first and foremost, ensuring the well-being and prosperity of your child.

Thank you for taking the time to explore the CollegeBridge website. We encourage you to carefully read the ‘Services’ section, which will introduce you to our perspective and unique approach.

We are always available, so please call with any comments, feedback, or questions.


The CollegeBridge Team