Dear Students,

I established CollegeBridge in order to assist you and your family during the challenging and hopefully rewarding college selection, application, and transition process.

The college application process, when understood as a rite of passage in American society, provides a wonderful educational opportunity to foster your personal growth as you take ownership, make decisions, and assume responsibility for your future.

Yes, college admission has become increasingly competitive, complex, and stressful, but we need not lose perspective by becoming preoccupied with college rankings, or by succumbing to misplaced emphases upon standardized tests and metrics, or by being mistakenly consumed by the goal of admission to a particular college or university. Your life, education, and well-being are much bigger than these narrow concerns. College admission is about finding the right college for you, but, first and foremost, it is about preparing yourself to fully exploit the opportunities that your college career provides you.

I believe that my background and various life experiences and endeavors are a valuable asset in assisting students and in building CollegeBridge. I previously founded a company that provided financial and legal documents for stock and bond transactions on Wall Street. After selling the company, I returned to academia as a student and teacher, earning a MA and PhD in an interdisciplinary program of Psychology and Anthropology. Most importantly, I have spent a lifetime in the love and pursuit of knowledge—from the sciences to the arts. I am passionate about learning and teaching, and I am fortunate to be able to share a lifetime of hard won real-world experiences.

I have another important asset: I have enjoyed, and, at times, endured the process of assisting my own two children through their college applications. So, as a parent, I understand and identify with some of the feelings that your parents experience as you navigate your way through the college selection and application process. I believe that CollegeBridge can be helpful in ameliorating anxieties, alleviating stress, and in providing perspective that will hopefully foster communication and enrich your family relationships.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and explore the CollegeBridge website. I particularly encourage you to spend time reading each item in the ‘Services’ section, which will introduce you to our unique approach.

Please call me directly with any questions.


Steven W. Cook, PhD