Colleges and universities have different policies, traditions, and customs regarding whether they offer admission interviews, how they conduct interviews, and the objective of those interviews—informational or evaluative.

Many colleges do not offer formal interviews, contending that the interviewer will not garner any new insights into the candidate relative to that provided by the application, essays, and letters of recommendation. Other colleges take the time and effort to interview applicants and integrate the information into their evaluation of the candidate.

CollegeBridge Reality Check

In our experience, it is difficult to predict how your interview will impact your candidacy. Generally, an interview will merely confirm what the admissions committee can discern from your application; very seldom will they have a negative impact; but occasionally the interview may uncover new and salient information or communicate impressions about you that can be a tipping point in your favor.

CollegeBridge will prepare you for those formal and informal interviews. We will discuss with you pertinent questions that you should anticipate from the interviewer, and we will aid you in framing thoughtful questions that you may want to ask.  We will also assist you in how you present yourself, which is a skill that will benefit you throughout your life.

The process of preparing for your interviews will challenge you to assess your strengths and limitations, to prepare an appropriate narrative of your endeavors and life story, to develop your abilities to interact with other adults in a competitive world, and to hone your communication skills.

The interview can be fun, informative, and a great opportunity for you to be your best advocate—highlighting your accomplishments and candidly presenting who you are and why you believe that you are suited to be a member of that particular college community.

Our Motto: “First Impressions Matter!”