During your junior and senior year you will visit several of your targeted colleges. Touring these schools should be one of the most enjoyable and exciting activities of your college search and application.

College visits are fun! You and your family can use vacations, holidays, and school breaks as an opportunity to have a pleasant family outing to as many prospective schools as possible.

CollegeBridge Reality Check

CollegeBridge will show you how to approach these college tours like an anthropologist, who both observes and participates in the culture that they study. We will prepare you to conduct your own ethnography of your future college or university. After all, your four years of college life are a significant commitment of your time and energy, a tremendous investment of your parent’s money, and worthy of serious investigation before you make your final decision.

During your visits you will participate in information sessions and campus tours; you will attend departmental open houses and special visitation options for prospective students; and, you may visit with students and faculty, attend their classes, and even spend the night in one of the dorms.

You may have many opportunities to meet a cross-section of individuals—students, professors, and administrators—who embody some aspect of that institution’s culture. Take the initiative to spend time with these individuals and do not hesitate to ask questions. CollegeBridge will prepare you with an extensive list of salient questions.

You will begin to get a feel of the college, and have the opportunity to observe campus life, watch students interact intellectually and socially, attend an athletic event, and examine the various extracurricular options, which, taken together, constitute your future community.

Through the various cross-college comparisons, you will be able to make informed and judicious choices about which schools best match your personal needs. At the end of the day, you will own your decision regarding your final list of college applications, and you will be confident about which school you decide to attend.

CollegeBridge Suggestion

When you complete your visit, then go to a quiet place on campus, close your eyes, and ask yourself one simple and essential question: “Can I imagine myself spending the next four years of my life here?”

Here is one brief booklet Guide to Choosing a College.