Our initial consultation usually occurs with both you and your family. It is our opportunity to begin learning about you, and to share with you how CollegeBridge can be helpful.

We want to hear stories about you—your life and experiences. What matters to you, and what are your likes and dislikes? What makes you tick, and what are you persistently passionate about?  How do you fill your free time? In which extracurricular activities do you engage—school clubs, community services, athletics, or performing arts? These are just a mere sampling of the questions that make our first meeting interesting and enjoyable.

We hope that you will share with us some of your thoughts and dreams about college; and we want your parents to candidly communicate their preferences, expectations, and vision for you. We also intend to learn or begin the dialogue about what you want from a college, what you expect from college life, what you are interested in studying, and even your initial ideas about your life pursuits or career.

Most families that we meet feel, to some degree, anxious about the college admission process, stressed at times by its various demands, and occasionally besieged by its complexity. One of our goals, during the initial consult, is to help everyone begin to reduce the anxiety level, alleviate some of the stress, and avoid feeling overwhelmed. Our best method for doing so begins with perspective and information:

First, from our informed and experienced perspective, we use the initial consult to introduce you to the overall college selection, application, and admission process. We believe that knowledge about the process can be empowering and help you maintain a sense of perspective.

Second, we will share our expectations of you as we form a partnership; and we will jointly formulate a game plan, with clear objectives and time lines.

Finally, we take very seriously the personal relationship that we will build together, we will work to earn your confidence and respect, and we appreciate the trust that you bestow in us as we endeavor to help you realize your goals.