In reviewing your high school curriculum, CollegeBridge has several objectives:

First and foremost, we want you to enroll in those courses that you find interesting, enjoyable, and challenging, and that maximize your learning opportunities.

Second, we need to ensure that your course selections fulfill the requirements and meet the expectations of your potential college choices.

Third, we will work together to plan your curriculum in order to enhance your college application acceptances.

CollegeBridge Reality Check

The number one college admission criteria is your academic performance—your GPA, the rigor of your curriculum, and, where still available, your class ranking.

Colleges consider your cumulative grade average as one indicator of your potential suitability for their school. While grades are not everything, most college admissions officers believe that your GPA reflects your engagement in learning, your dedication to hard work, and your commitment to self-improvement. Colleges, particularly highly selective ones, deem grades as long-term evidence or a predictor of how you may perform in a challenging academic environment.

Colleges will also consider how you have taken advantage of your high school academic opportunities. Relative to your school course offerings, how rigorous is your course selection? Are you selecting a demanding and well-balanced curriculum? Particularly in your areas of interest, have you challenged yourself with Honors or Advanced Placement courses, or the International Baccalaureate program? Whether you are a freshman, sophomore, or junior, now is the time to take ownership of your high school curriculum; after all, it is your education.

It is never too late to enhance your grade point average. College admission officers like to see improvement throughout your high school career, and the best antidote to mediocre grades in the early years is the upward trend demonstrated through consistently better grades.

The bottom line: we believe that students do their best when their primary objective is not the grade or the test, but when they are passionately engaged in learning and enjoying what they are studying. With the proper environment and perspective, grades and test scores become a secondary result of your education. CollegeBridge will assist you in maintaining that perspective as we jointly plan your high school curriculum.