Your college application form contains a variety of facts about you, such as personal data, courses and GPA, test scores, honors, and a truncated listing of extracurricular activities. By the time you complete your application, the information contained therein is largely out of your control—it is a product of three and a half years of your high school career. The admissions committee will obviously use this information in their deliberations to determine your eligibility for selection.

Ask yourself a simple question: “Will those numbers, facts, figures, and listing of your activities adequately present your candidacy?” So, what else can you do?

CollegeBridge Reality Check

CollegeBridge will assist you in crafting a résumé that succinctly narrates your story. Through the résumé we can briefly construct the context for all those facts, figures, and listings, particularly your activities, such as community service, school clubs and committees, artistic pursuits, athletics, work experience, other appropriate life experiences, and leadership roles. Your résumé becomes a supplement to your application, aiding the admissions committee in understanding you and assisting you in your preparations for future interviews.

CollegeBridge has developed several techniques for creating such a résumé. Admissions officers and alumni interviewers from a variety of colleges and universities have commended CollegeBridge for the professional and informative résumés that our students produce.

The process of working with CollegeBridge to draft your résumé is also beneficial because we encourage you to take stock of your accomplishments, recognize some of your limitations, and begin preparing yourself to shape your future college life and activities.